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IMY and AI Sweden collaborate on AI and data protection

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) and AI Sweden have initiated a collaboration to provide support and guidance on issues relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and data protection.

Those developing and applying AI often find themselves dealing with difficult legal issues concerning data protection and privacy, and this can create obstacles to innovation and societal development. Against this background, IMY and AI Sweden are now starting a collaboration to identify recurring legal issues and to explore how to best support the relevant parties.

The collaboration will take place within the framework of the assignment that IMY received from the Swedish government earlier this year, to raise the general level of knowledge about privacy and data protection issues in the innovation system. Together, IMY and AI Sweden will identify recurring issues relating to data protection and AI. They will also highlight how support and guidance can be provided, and then also provide support and guidance on these issues.

“Contributing to sustainable innovation and development by providing guidance and support to actors in the innovation system is an important part of IMY's strategic direction for the coming years. The collaboration with AI Sweden is an important step in that work,” says Karin Lönnheden, Chief of Staff at IMY.

AI Sweden, together with partners, is very active in developing solutions to the legal issues that arise in handling data for applying and developing AI. An example of this is the established network, Legal Expert Group, where lawyers from some of AI Sweden's partners are given the opportunity to meet and discuss various legal issues and challenges linked to, among other things, AI and data protection.

“Several of our partners testify that there are many challenges regarding GDPR, not least regarding the interpretation of the legislation and, for example, the assessment regarding the meaning of anonymisation. We are very pleased about the collaboration we are now initiating with IMY and the opportunities it creates to accelerate the application of AI in Sweden,” says Martin Svensson, Co-Director AI Sweden

IMY and AI Sweden will jointly implement efforts to provide support and guidance regarding the legal issues identified. The collaboration between the organizations extends to March 31, 2023.

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