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New program for young talents

Monday, September 6, 2021

Together with ABB-gymnasiet, AI Sweden is piloting a young talent program with students who recently graduated from high school.

The first batch of students have studied Smart systems and products at ABB-gymnasiet i Västerås. Their education has been carried out as an initiative for high school students with a special talent and interest in programming, IOT, Cloud and AI with special permit from the Swedish National Agency for Education. They have extensive knowledge of AI tools and frameworks, and have already worked on concrete projects during their studies together with industry. In parallel, they have studied half a year at Mälardalen University. 

Christer Norström, CEO at ABB-gymnasiet and professor in computer science says: “The high school results are really amazing, they perform at a very high level. These young students interested in AI and programming are an untapped resource for Sweden if we just give them the possibility to develop. In addition, they also perform at the highest level in all subjects and I think the reason is that they have learned how to attack any difficult problem with confidence.“

Joakim Flink, a young and inspiring teacher in AI at the ABB-gymnasiet, says, “The Young Talent Program is a golden opportunity for creative, hungry and curious talents to take their technology knowhow and AI passion to the next level and contribute to the world!”

The first group of talents will start in September 2021. They will work part-time on concrete projects with partners and the applied research team at AI Sweden and are then available for recruitment. They will be followed by the subsequent batches of Machine Learning students in 2022.

Are you prepared to take the step and onboard our AI talents into your organization?

Or are you a partner already working with recruitment, training, and attraction of AI talents, and who wants to be part of the AI Sweden team addressing this need?

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