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Academic Work joins AI Sweden’s partner network

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Academic Work, a specialist recruitment company has joined AI Sweden’s network of 100+ partners in industry, the public sector and academia.

The lack of AI talent is a bottleneck for the development and rollout of AI-based solutions in organizations around the world. AI Sweden has recently launched several talent program initiatives to address the challenges of attracting, developing and retaining AI talent in Sweden:

In addition, we are collaborating with new partner, Academic Work, and others to create unique talent recruitment programs to help remove talent-related bottlenecks and to ensure the growth of AI skills and competence in Sweden. One example is AI Sweden’s recruitment program for AI Systems Engineers.

Peter Knutsson, CEO at Academic Work Sweden, says:
- Solving the skills shortage in IT and technology requires collaboration between companies, authorities and non-profit organizations. AI is the area in which the skills gap is expected to increase most in the coming years. Through our partnership with AI Sweden, we are tackling one of the absolute biggest challenges to future growth. Our ambition is to train at least 100 new talents in this area in 2022. We are pleased to have the opportunity to do so in collaboration with AI Sweden.

Martin Svensson, Co-Director Operations at AI Sweden, is excited about partnering and collaborating with Academic Work:
- Many organizations are finding that the challenge of attracting talent in AI is slowing their development. We are very happy to welcome Academic Work as a new partner to help us find solutions to this challenge. We are convinced that, together with our 100+ partners, we can take great strides to secure the skills required to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness and for everyone living in Sweden.

For more on AI talent attraction, there is also a recording from AI Sweden’s Talent Day in late August. Reach out to Niclas Fock for more information about our talent programs.


Read the Academic Work news article on partnering with AI Sweden (in Swedish).