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Young Talent Program

To attract, develop and keep top talent to Sweden, diversity and a dynamic work environment will be crucial and a top priority. In doing so, AI Sweden wants to provide opportunities for talented individuals based on potential, not only experience, breaking traditional structures, and doing things in a completely new way.

We are exploring new and creative ways of generating talent in the Swedish AI ecosystem: One is the AI Sweden Young Talent Program!

Together with ABB-gymnasiet, we are piloting a young talent program with students who graduated from high school. The first batch of students have studied Teknikspets within AI at ABB-gymnasiet, have extensive knowledge of AI tools and frameworks, and have already worked on concrete projects during their studies.

The group of talents starting during the fall of 2021 will work part-time on concrete projects with partners and the applied research team at AI Sweden and are then available for recruitment.
They will be followed by the subsequent batches of Machine Learning students in 2022.

Are you prepared to take the step and onboard our AI talents into your organization?

Or are you a partner already working with recruitment, training, and attraction of AI talents, and who wants to be part of the AI Sweden team addressing this need?

Questions or suggestions? Contact:

Head of Talent Programs

Niclas Fock

Young Talents

Adam Loré

Elias Guedra

Joakim Eriksson

Erik Hallberg

Oliver Helmin

Filip Cederblad

Victor Fagerström