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Young talent that perform well above expectations

Monday, May 23, 2022

In September 2021, AI Sweden initiated Young Talent, a talent program to provide opportunities to newly graduated high school students from technical programs. For the 2022 cohort, we are opening up for more partners in several parts of Sweden to participate and host Young Talent.

The first four months of the program involves boosting at AI Sweden with education and projects internally as well as externally with various partners. Then, for another five months, the participants work exclusively at one partner with Fridays spent at AI Sweden.

One of the organizations that has had three talents with them during the spring of 2022 is Zenseact. 

“The participants in the Young Talent program are incredibly competent. If I didn’t know about their background I would have guessed that they had a Master’s degree. They have brought a lot of value to the whole team.” – Johnny Kemi, Engineering Manager at Zenseact


Staffan Wranne, who also worked closely with the talents, believes that they have been a great addition to the team.“They have performed well above expectations and have shown a high level of interest in understanding the challenge at hand. The work they have performed has been of high value for Zenseact, as it helps us streamline our evaluation and feature improvement process.” - Staffan Wranne, Software Developer at Zenseact

Other partner organizations where the talents have worked are SCB, SLU, Smartr and Combitech. AI Sweden is very happy to have several partners with both the capability and a desire to host these talents and that they, just as us, see the potential that the individuals possess. Kim Henriksson, Project Manager Edge Lab at AI Sweden, emphasizes that the talents’ approaches to assignments are incredibly valuable. 

The Young Talents possess creativity and are unrestrained by what the rest of us see as impossible” – Kim Henriksson, Project Manager Edge Lab at AI Sweden.

At the end of the first edition of the program, the participants had many opportunities to choose from. Some were moving forward to technical university programs, and the majority were offered employment at the organizations and companies where they worked during the program. 

For the 2022 cohort, we are opening up for more partners in several parts of Sweden to participate and host Young Talents. The talents will be placed at organizations from January through May 2023, on an employment level of 50-100% depending on partners’ preferences.

Is your organization ready to onboard AI talents? Or do you have a project to which the talent can contribute during the fall? Reach out to Sofia Hedén, Project Manager Talent Programs.