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Workshop invitation: help us co-create a machine learning talent program to nourish AI skills growth

Friday, November 5, 2021

Are you finding that the challenge of attracting AI talent is slowing your development plans? AI Sweden and Academic Work are joining forces on an initiative to train 100 professionals in AI in the coming two years. Join us at this co-creation workshop and help us design a machine learning talent program to nourish the growth of AI skills and competence in Sweden.

The rapid increase of AI applications is leading to a fast rise in demand for AI experts. Many companies and AI Sweden partners identify the shortage of AI talent as a major challenge. 

According to the latest skills gap report from IT & Telekomföretagen (2020), the need for skilled AI professionals is growing and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Through our partnership with Academic Work, we are building a series of 12-month AI training programs to help tackle one of the biggest challenges to future growth and to increase the AI talent pool for AI Sweden’s partners. Our ambition with the programs is to train at least 100 new talents in AI in 2022. 

At this workshop, we would love to get your input on how we can optimize a 12-month machine learning program for recent masters graduates and/or young professionals comprising three months’ immersive, non-paid AI training and then nine months’ onsite paid work experience. 


Sign up to be part of the solution

Join us at this workshop where you’ll get to learn more about the fundamentals of accelerated learning and, along with other partners, have your say on how we should recruit into and design the program.

Contact Niclas Fock (AI Sweden) or Rebecca Tyrstrup (Academic Work) to sign up for the workshop on November 23.


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