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GPT-SW3 reproduces a fictional character for the Evigt Liv exhibition

Thursday, December 1, 2022

AI Sweden has created a chatbot for the Nobel Prize Museum's exhibition Evigt Liv (trans. Eternal Life). This is a chance for the public to experience the complexity and depth of the GPT-SW3 model.

Developing the chatbot known as Klara

The chatbot is based on the Swedish Large Language Models (GPT-SW3) that the NLU team at AI Sweden together with RISE and WASP WARA Media & Language are developing. A chatbot is only one of many things you can use these models for and GPT-SW3 was developed with much broader applications in mind.

The chatbot is designed to be a version of the artificial friend, the humanoid Klara from the book ‘Klara and the sun’ by Kazuo Ishiguro. The team created it as part of the Nobel Prize Museum exhibition Eternal Life

AI Sweden was invited to contribute to the exhibition and decided to explore the space of art, interactive AI and literature. This ‘AI for art’ use case provided the opportunity to test GPT-SW3 in a real world application; build competence in how to instruct models and build solutions; and enable open ended dialogue with a chatbot based on the first generative Swedish language model. 

The author kindly granted us permission to use his novel as inspiration and AI Sweden is thrilled to be able to present the character to the public this way.

The team wrote a prompt to create the Chatbot Klara, using traits that the character in the book displays. For example, Klara is always kind, always reflective, and very friendly.

The model is able to imitate Klara’s character with so-called few-shot learning. The team gave the chatbot a task description and an identity. They wrote a prompt consisting of three components: a task description, a conversation as an example, and an input indicating that we expect a response from our AI friend.


How is this exhibition important for AI Sweden?

This project is an interesting exploration of technology which bridges art and science. It’s also a way for people to experience the latest developments in the field of AI. Dagens Nyheter has written a thoughtful review of the exhibition and what it’s like to ‘talk’ with Klara here

AI Sweden is proud that Alice Heiman, Young Researcher with the NLU team, has won Developer of the Year at the Nordic Women in Tech Awards. She was one of the contributors to Chatbot Klara. 

Alice developed the prompt to make a chatbot out of the GPT-SW3 model. She created what people might experience as the chatbot’s personality by giving the model instructions in the prompt governing its behavior and tonality. 


Who is this exhibition for?

Anyone who is interested in seeing the latest Swedish AI in the form of an artwork. You can interact with the chatbot at the Eternal Life exhibition, Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm, which is open until January 29, 2023. AI Sweden doesn’t know yet what the future holds for Chatbot Klara, but hopes that she will continue her journey.