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AI Sweden together with RISE and WASP WARA Media & Language, are developing large-scale language models for the Swedish language. They will form the basis of solutions relevant for both the public and private sectors in Sweden.

GPT-SW3 is the first truly large-scale generative language model for the Swedish language. Based on the same technical principles as the much-discussed GPT-3, GPT-SW3 will help Swedish organizations build language applications never before possible. 

Preparations are already underway to train an even larger model, with more data. The aim is to train a significantly larger Nordic language model from data in all Nordic languages. Such a model would be able to handle all the Nordic languages, and would likely lead to improved performance for each of the individual languages, due to the variation present in the combined training data.

Do you want access to GPT-SW3?

AI Sweden and RISE have trained a 3.5 billion parameters GPT-SW3 model that is now available for partners to test and validate. What challenges would you like to try to solve with GPT-SW3?

Partners can get access by filling in this simple form:
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Project partners: RISE, WASP WARA Media & Language and AI Sweden.

The current GPT-SW3 models are trained on Linköpings University’s supercomputer, Berzelius, using the Megatron framework from NVIDIA.

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What's the latest with the GPT-SW3?

Strategic Program Manager NLU, PhD

Francisca Hoyer