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Exploring the world of AI: Hlib and Pavlo’s experience in AI Sweden’s Young talent program

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Hlib Turuta and Pavlo Ovchynnykov are both participating in AI Sweden’s Young Talent Program in Linköping. They are working on projects focusing on everything from modeling crime scenes to face detection. Read on to learn more about their experience so far!

Two young men sitting at a table with their computers, both looking directly into the camera

Young Talents is a program for newly graduated high school students with a special interest in AI. They are educated and boosted at AI Sweden during the fall and work at partners during the spring. During this cohort, 13 young talents are participating in Linköping, Västerås, Örebro, and Gothenburg.

Hlib and Pavlo both went to the same school home in Ukraine. Their school had connections with AI Sweden and they were encouraged by their teacher to apply for the program. Since the program started, they’ve been working on different projects and visited AI Sweden’s partners in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but so far it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned so much. It has really widened my perspective of what you can do with AI,” Pavlo says. 

Modeling crime scenes and anomaly detection

Every week they study new topics, do assignments, and work with projects from AI Sweden partners or departments. For instance, Pavlo is working together with the National Forensic Center on modeling crime scenes with different sorts of collected and combined data. 

Hlib is working on anomaly detection in videos together with Combitech. He tells us that one problem they try to solve is GDPR-related questions and how to blur faces in videos, which is one aspect of working with face detection. Both projects stem from partner needs which Hlib and Pablo emphasize adds value to the program because you create impact for the real world. 

Learning by doing

Sometimes, challenges and technical issues pop up along the way. 

“When you’re stuck you have to search for answers yourself. It makes you grow as an individual and you learn how to solve problems and who to ask questions,” Pavlo says. 

Both Pavlo and Hlib agree that the program is good if you want to work with professionals within AI and try new things. One becomes a part of the whole journey, from research to implementation. 

“If you want to belong to a great community, you should apply for this program. It prepares you for the future and you meet so many new people and cool companies along the way. It’s really fun,” Hlib says.

Are you, or have you recently graduated from a technical high school (“gymnasium”) program and have an interest in Artificial Intelligence? Connect on AI Sweden’s career site and specify Young Talent Program under interests to receive information about the next application process. Connect here.