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55 talent program graduates now working with partners

Friday, February 4, 2022

As a direct result of the talent programs that AI Sweden launched together with partners in August 2021, a great number of talented individuals are now doing their work placements at 20 different AI Sweden partner organizations - boosting the AI ecosystem in Sweden!

The AI talent shortage comes as no surprise, but is increasingly pressing for organizations globally. The primary purpose with AI Sweden’s talent programs is to increase partners’ access to AI talent. 

“By supporting partners in recruiting AI expertise, we are also boosting the national talent pool and AI ecosystem. It is very exciting to see that already after just six months from initiating the Talent Programs, we have so many talents out working with partners and making a real difference in the AI ecosystem”, says Niclas Fock, Head of Talent Programs at AI Sweden.

The overarching idea for AI Sweden’s talent programs is based on three cornerstones.

  1. Training the individual talents.
  2. Getting AI competence out to our partners.
  3. Growing the AI ecosystem in Sweden.

The participants in AI Sweden’s talent programs spent the autumn working on projects at AI Sweden and together with partners. During the spring, they are now working at 20 different partner organizations during four days a week, while spending one day a week at AI Sweden.

Are you interested in hosting AI talent at your organization? All talent programs are now opening up for a new cohort - reach out to Niclas Fock to learn more.

More about our Talent Programs and the organizations hosting this year’s cohort

Young Talent Program

Together with ABB-gymnasiet, AI Sweden is piloting the Young Talent Program with students who just graduated from high school. The first cohort studied Teknikspets within AI at ABB-gymnasiet. They have extensive knowledge of AI tools and frameworks, and have already worked on concrete projects during their studies. Until summer, they now do internships at Combitech, Smartr, Statistics Sweden, and Zenseact

Junior AI Change Agent Program

The Junior AI Change Agent Program is a collaboration between AI Sweden and Hyper Island. The program consists of two periods over six months: Three months boost at AI Sweden and three months internship at a selected AI Sweden partner. The first cohort are now doing their internship at CGit, Ericsson, Google, KPMG, Region Östergötland, Smartilizer, Smartr, and Zenseact.

Eye for AI - International Talent Program

Eye for AI is a unique 18-months program where AI talents from around the world are matched with 3 organizations and spend 6 months at each placement. At the end of the program the talents can be hired by the participating organizations. During the first cohort, Astra Zeneca, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Zenseact participate as hosts. Read more about Sahlgrenska University Hospital and what value they see in Eye for AI here.

Master Thesis Program 

During this spring, 28 students are working on 15 master thesis projects together with partners Chalmers University of Technology, CEVT, Embedl, Recorded Future, Region Västra Götaland, Scaleout, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Unibap, and Volvo.
During 2022, the program will expand to reach more partners and universities all over Sweden.