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AI Sweden Startup Program

Is your startup working with AI or do you want to learn more on what you could use AI for? Then the AI Sweden Startup Program is something for you! As the national center for applied AI, we have a mission to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden, and we know that startups play an important role in this.

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The Startup Program


The AI Sweden Startup Program consists of three stages and aims to support startups on their AI journey. We offer training, testing environments and the opportunity to engage in challenge driven projects. With more than 100 partners - corporates, public sector, academia, startups, authorities, research institutes and consultants - we also offer great networking opportunities and a thriving startup community. 

AI Sweden Startup Program is here to support your startup during three different stages: Learn – Connect – Accelerate. The first two stages (Learn and Connect) are free of charge. At the Accelerate stage all startups contribute with in-kind.  



Online courses, open events, workshops and seminars

For early stage startups who are in the beginning of their AI journey, or who are thinking of adding AI to their business.

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Access to AI Sweden startup community, bi-weekly startup community meetings, meet-ups with AI Sweden partners and collaborators

For startups that are registered companies and work with AI as core part of their business. They should also have in-house AI engineers and/or prove a significant use of AI.

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Full AI Sweden partnership, project access and engagement, access to the Data Factory & testbeds, legal and ethics, introduction to corporates and investors

For more mature AI startups that are ready to scale their business and that can add value to other AI Sweden partners.

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Startup Program Manager

Katarina Fégeant