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AI Innovation of Sweden AI Startup program

Startups may be small companies, but they have an important role in creating innovation and growth - especially in the field of AI. We believe startups will make a big difference in accelerating the Swedish AI ecosystem - and we want to help! 

Therefore, we are calling all Swedish AI-startups to join us. We want to team up together with you in your journey. By joining our startup program you will be a part of a growing community and get help in applying your solution.

The Startup Program is an initiative from AI Innovation of Sweden to help accelerate the Swedish AI ecosystem. The program focuses on helping relevant Swedish startups with knowledge about AI, connections that can help them and support to grow their business.

A key for accelerating AI in Swedish business, research and society is to help and innovative AI startups.

Become a member of our AI-community

By joining AI Innovation of Sweden Startup Program you will get access to a growing community of AI-startups all over Sweden. You will get invited to exclusive events and the opportunity to meet potential customers, partners and investors.

Stronger together

We truly believe that we are stronger together. Being a part of the community, you have the opportunity to connect and collaborate in new ways. By being approved as a startup partner to AI Innovation of Sweden you will get access to both our private and public partners, other startups and international network. We will be able to connect you to potential stakeholders and help you with resources we have available - because we know organizations and partners that are eager to know more about your solutions.

The program

The Startup Program has three stages divided into three main missions - Learn, Connect, Accelerate. Between every stage there is a filter. Startups have to apply and be approved to advance to the next stage.

The first stage is to help startups learn within the field of AI. This level is open to all startups and includes access to online courses, open events and workshops as well as meetups and news from our startup program partners.

The second stage is to connect startups to partners and potential investors. To reach this level the startups must go through an evaluation of their AI competence and their readiness to scale. At this stage the startups will be listed as an AI startup on AI Innovation of Sweden’s official startup list. It also includes access to matchmaking events with partners and potential investors.

The third stage is to accelerate Swedish AI startups by providing them with AI Innovation of Sweden’s full offer of services, infrastructure and network. It also entails tailor made matchmaking activities with investors and AI Innovation of Sweden partners, possibility to participate and contribute in projects of national interest and access the Data Factory and the available data sets. To reach the third level the startup will have to be approved as an AI startup partner with AI Innovation of Sweden.

Sign up to Stage 1

Apply for Stage 2

  • Peter Kurzwelly

    Startup Manager and Program Developer

    peter [dot] kurzwelly [at] ai [dot] se