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AI for a deep green transition - Cloned

How can AI accelerate a deep green transition? AI Sweden is joining forces with WWF Sweden to explore this question.

A leaf forest with grass

AI Sweden is conducting an open call for experts with insight into the subjects relevant to this question (such as AI, climate change, food systems, behavioral science etc) as well as individuals and organizations willing to participate and contribute to extending this project.

The initial scope of this project is a pre-study with a special focus on deep green transition in the global food systems.

We will be conducting interviews and discussions during Q1 2024. Interested in participating? Reach out to Viktor Bengtsson.


Progress on climate change remains too slow to confidently meet the target of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees in this century. Besides existing solutions, AI has arisen as a new tool in tackling climate change, one that requires additional study.


From a firm footing in the present, we aim to look beyond monitoring climate change, beyond the current technologies, to applications of AI that can drive new solutions, new policies, and new behaviors for a sustainable future.

  • How can AI affect demand and consumer behavior?
  • How can applications of AI technology drive sustainable production?
  • What role can AI technology play in effective policy-making?

Expected outcomes

The initial aim of this project is to gather insights and create a broad network of researchers, policymakers, and private sector actors to carry on long-term research, dialogue, and action beyond the initial scope of food systems.

The continued project is envisaged to expand to include green transitions of energy systems, transport, infrastructure, industry, and more.


WWF Sweden

WWF Sweden, AI Sweden (project is open to participants)

Project period
Q1 2024


Would you like to contribute or have any thoughts or questions? Please contact Viktor Bengtsson to learn more.