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New Python reskilling program launched with Academic Work

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

AI Sweden and Academic Work are launching a new course in Python programming for AI solutions. The participants will get full-stack training with the support of the AI Sweden community and ultimately be matched with organizations for future employment.
Join this program to work with the best new AI talent available.

Academic Work and AI Sweden are delighted to announce a new program that will teach full-stack Python programming. The goal is to support a new cohort of professionals develop a deep understanding of Python for AI applications. 

"Python has so much to offer. It's a relatively accessible and simple language with huge flexibility that can be used in almost any type of AI solution. We think this course is a vital path to open up the field to more professionals. Collaborations like this with Academic Work which can diversify the AI-skilled workforce are some of the most essential for our partners." - Niclas Fock, Head of Talent Programs at AI Sweden.

The program will bring in a new group of professionals who will be fully integrated into the AI Sweden community during their training. After the 4 month training period, the participants will join your projects and if you find a good match, they transfer to become employees at your organization after a 12 month consultancy period.

Applications are open now for organizations that are interested in taking part. Sign up to pre-book consultants, or reach out to Niclas Fock to learn more.

Learn more about the program here