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Launch of co-created AI reskilling program

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The lack of AI competence is one of the biggest hurdles for working with AI. AI Sweden already has a handful of different talent programs, built by and for partners. And more can be done, by AI Sweden but also by others. As a next step, Academic Work is launching a reskilling program for future AI talent together with AI Sweden, which has been co-created by AI Sweden partners.


Academic Work joined as an AI Sweden partner with the explicit goal to train 100 talents in AI over two years. 

“AI is a crucial part of an organisation’s competitive advantage over the coming years. But there is a lack of competence that’s actually getting worse. We want to play a central role in AI training, and joined AI Sweden with the ambition to develop more courses focusing on various aspects of artificial intelligence. AI Systems Engineer is the first result of our partnership with AI Sweden, and created together with other AI Sweden partners,” says Martin Persson, Business Area Manager IT at Academic Work Sweden.

The newly launched education AI Systems Engineer supports talent with expertise to help them in roles such as AI/ML Engineer, ML Ops Engineer, and Site Reliability Engineer. All participants learn the basics of setting up the infrastructure that enables AI. 

Reach out to Niclas Fock before 27th of February if your organization is interested in learning more or taking part.

Learn more about the program here