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AI-landscape mapping initiative will support the growth of Swedish AI startups

Monday, August 24, 2020

Startups have an important role in creating innovation and growth - especially in the field of AI. This is why we are involved in the mapping of Swedish AI Startups. Together with Ignite Sweden and RISE we are now screening Sweden to find the best AI startups that we believe will accelerate and contribute to the use of AI applications in Sweden.

A blue-themed illustration depicting a map over Sweden with a grid, featuring dots that symbolise the mapping of artificial intelligence

The mapping is a part of an ongoing European initiative to create a landscaping of AI startups in each country, and we want our Swedish startups to be very highly represented on this map. The AI landscape has been done in Germany, the result can be seen here

We believe startups will make a big difference in accelerating the Swedish AI ecosystem and through this mapping we aim to support the growth of AI startups. 

"Being present on the map will serve as a quality stamp for the qualified startups, providing important intel for the innovation ecosystem, investors, government and academia, and serve as a guide for stakeholders who want to collaborate with AI-startups,” says Katarina Fégeant, Project manager at AI Innovation of Sweden. 

"We believe startups will make a big difference in accelerating the Swedish AI ecosystem and through this mapping we aim to support the growth of AI startups", Katarina continues.

The work with the mapping is under progress and the plan is to launch the first version of the Swedish AI Landscape later this fall. Deadline for startups to submit data is September 1st. 

Why should you be a part of the mapping?

By being a part of the landscape, the mapped startups will be highlighted within their area - and thus given attention and publicity, which can serve as door openers to both customers, partners and investors. 

How does it work?

AI startups that are interested in being part of the mapping, sign up and register below. 

The map will be curated by an evaluation committee with representatives from investors, large companies, academia, startups and incubators. Should the requirements not be met the first time you apply, the evaluation committee will re-consider your application every six months. 

When registering, we hope that you wish to provide us with some extra but yet very important information about your startup for the evaluation committee selection process. All your information will, of course, be strictly confidential. 

Register here

If you already have a registered profile for your company at Ignite Sweden's platform Magic, please login and answer the extra AI-related questions. You unlock these questions by selecting “AI and Machine Learning” under “What fields are you in” in your company profile. 

The deadline for submitting data is September 1st! 


Katarina Fégeant
Project Manager

+46(0)766 33 73 13