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Walking on thin clouds challenge

Stockholm & online

Are you a professional or a student in computer science, remote sensing or business school? Are you passionate about satellite imagery, machine learning, and deep learning? Do you have what it takes to conquer the challenge of cloud occlusion in satellite data analysis? If so, this is your moment to shine! We welcome you online and on-site at AI Sweden's office in Stockholm (address below) for a 2-day challenge, amazing keynote speakers, a lot of fun, and, last but not least, a prize of 5000 kr for the winning group!

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Introduction: Unlocking the Skies
Prepare to dive into the vast world of satellite imagery data, courtesy of the European Copernicus project and the OpenDataCube (ODC). These incredible resources open doors to countless possibilities, from harnessing classical Machine Learning (ML) to deploying cutting-edge Deep Learning (DL) models.

But here's the twist! The sky's not always clear in the satellite world. Cloud occlusion is a formidable foe, lurking in the background, ready to disrupt your analysis. Can you detect it? Can you predict Cloud Optical Thickness (COT)? This is the challenge we pose to you!

See more details about the challenge in the signup link below.

Before the event
We will select the participants based on their LinkedIn profile and limit the number of groups (max 5 ppl per group) to 10-15.

We do not provide accommodation or food, but there will be snacks/fruits, coffee, and drinks. 

Registration is open until the 24 of September, and the challenge takes place between the 28-29 of September. You can either sign up as a team of two to five (2-5) participants or sign up alone and get placed in a team with others. There is a maximum number of ten teams in the challenge.

Find the preliminary agenda of the two days here

Tobias Edman (Unit manager Digital platforms & systems, RISE)
Joacim Braunander (Business Advisor, ESA BIC Sweden)
Anders Persson (GIS specialist, Skogsstyrelsen)
Ronald Scheirer (Researcher, SMHI)
Leif Haglund (Strategic Advisor Maxar and Adjunct Professor in Remote Sensing at CVL, LiU)

Participating partners
RISE, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Rymdstyrelsen, Skogsstyrelsen, Maxar Technologies, SMHI, ESA BIC Sweden

Online: Zoom
On site: AI Sweden, Folkungagatan 44, Stockholm

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