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TalkTalk 4 - Talking with Data

Grev Turegatan 30, Stockholm

The theme on TalkTalk 4 is "Talking with Data". What happens when we can start talking with (not to or about) data on human terms? Can we make better use of all the data we are collecting? What does the data tell us? Will our company not only need a Human Resources department but also a Data Resources department?

Arranged by: 
AI Innovation of Sweden

TalkTalks are regularly (usually twice a year) inviting friends of conversational AI to hang out and mingle with like minded and hopefully create some new valuable connections and insights. The event is co-hosted by AI Innovation of Sweden.

We are very happy to be joined by Mikael Haglund, CTO IBM Sweden with large interest in, and access to data, as well as Talkamatic's David Hjelm, who has long experience from designing software which generates and analyses conversational data.

We hope to be joined by you as well and have you engage in this exciting subject and to take the opportunity to meet other people who share your interest in the field of Conversational AI.

The space is limited, sign up before Friday, May 24.

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