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Dialogues at The Garden | Human purpose, machine intelligence: the magic of design


The Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has just begun. The number of tasks that AI will perform in lieu of humans is growing, and the count will include highly complex cognitive activities. Innovation is one of these, fundamentally relying on the generation of novel ideas and solutions to wicked problems. If problem solving is delegated to machines and algorithms, what kind of thinking and value is left for humans in innovation?

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Stockholm School Of Economics
Swedish Centre for Digital Innovation

At The Garden of the SSE House of Innovation, we share what the luminary psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi proposed in the 1980s: in AI-powered organizations and societies, humans become problem finders, ultimately responsible for defining which problems make sense to address. Clearly, the search for problems worth solving is guided by purpose, by what is meaningful to us as individual human beings, and by what an organization stands for, its values and identity. How can a focus on purpose be more than a vague aspiration with little impact on value, and instead drive innovation for real?

The 2020 edition of the Dialogues in The Garden is an exciting deep-dive at the intersection between innovation, leadership, and design. Connect with us and participate in a vibrant conversation on the role of purpose in problem finding, on its translation into actual economic and social value through novel reframing techniques, on the benefits that design offers in reflecting and acting with purpose, and on the impact of AI. 

Around the table, presenting insights and steering the conversation, you will find Roberto Verganti and Mattia Bianchi, professors and directors of The Garden, as well as corporate leaders who are actively working in this area, as well as our most talented graduate students, who critically drive what SSE does and why! The event will be filled with research-based findings, concrete recommendations, possibilities to network, interactive tasks and an award ceremony: the winner of the 2020 Michael Treschow Scholarship will be announced and awarded during this event.

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