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Bold leadership for tomorrow's healthcare

Online and onsite

Join us for a conversation on organizational- and leadership challenges, the potential of AI for better decision making, and a call for action. We will provide an international perspective as well as hands-on experience from leading the transformation in two Swedish regions.

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AI Sweden and Future of Democracy

We stand on the verge of a complete transformation of healthcare. Demographic changes, technological and scientific breakthroughs at a scale that we haven’t seen before will fundamentally redraw healthcare as we know it today. Brave and committed leaders on all levels are needed to take immediate action, as well as ensure the endurance to deliver personalized, proactive, and equal healthcare for everyone.

Mark Wolff, Chief Health and Life Sciences Analytics Strategist and Advisory Industry Consultant, Global IoT Division, SAS Institute, USA
Markus Lingman, Chief Strategy Officer, Region Halland
Anna Göjeryd Ulander, Head of Operations and Management Support, Health and Medical Care Administration, Region Örebro

Moderator: Karin Hübinette, project manager for Future of Democracy

Live online via Zoom, or onsite in Helsingborg 
You have the possibility to attend onsite at Hetch, in Helsingborg and mingle with the speakers. The number of onsite participants is limited.

(The event is free och charge and will be held in English.)

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