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Edge Learning Center

The Edge Learning Center at AI Sweden is a new initiative aimed to establish a world-class, high-impact scientific center of excellence extending the forefront of distributed solutions to train AI algorithms.

The center’s mission is to accelerate the understanding and implementation of benefits associated with learning at the edge and to support acceleration through a range of public, private-sector, and academic partners.

To achieve this, the center will work with AI Sweden’s partners to develop knowledge, frameworks, tools, and use cases to rapidly demonstrate new applications of edge learning and evolve the science of edge learning at scale.

Working within AI Sweden, the center brings together internationally leading suppliers of hardware and software for edge learning with the lead-users from many sectors as well as public organizations to support a broad range of basic and translational research projects and associated technology and knowledge transfer AI Sweden and a group of partners have already established a unique, world-class Edge Lab that is ready to give the Edge Learning Center an accelerated start.

For career opportunities, see

Mats Nordlund
Head of Data Factory, PhD Eng

Mats Nordlund