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Edge Lab

Edge Lab is a unique testbed environment that enables developers, data scientists, students, researchers, and other users to explore and learn about the possibilities and limitations of Edge AI. 


The rapid advancement of technologies and solutions that will facilitate everyday life and create even better products and services, such as autonomous vehicles and AI-driven healthcare, calls for new ways to transfer, store and process data. Data transferring methods need to be cost-efficient and legally compliant while keeping sensitive information safe. Traditional development methods struggle to deliver on this. Instead, distributed and federated learning may be the answer. It is now crucial to accelerate the applied understanding of how to use and optimize it.

The purpose of the Edge Lab is to speed up the applied understanding of how to use and optimize Edge AI across industry, academia and the public sector.

AI Sweden has joined forces with its partners, Zenseact, HPE, Volvo Cars and Ericsson, to launch Edge Lab. Edge Lab will give AI Sweden's partners the chance to place themselves at the forefront of edge computing and federated learning by collaborating on specific projects and quickly building a work environment for experiments. 

The lab is being built physically in Gothenburg, and is part of AI Sweden's Data Factory Testbed. Additional infrastructure can be added at any of AI Sweden’s nodes to expand the Edge Lab and enable engagement and experiments across multiple sites.

Project Manager

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist