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Stakeholders & Partners

We believe startups will make a big difference in accelerating the Swedish AI ecosystem - and we want to help! And to help Swedish AI-startups grow we need to collaborate. And we have ways to do so together with you - if you want to join forces in helping Swedish startups.


Corporate partners within AI Sweden get access to the startup community and will have the opportunity to take part in matchmaking events and exclusive workshops on how to best work with startups. As a corporate partner you will have the opportunity to provide innovation challenges and source startups, both through AI Sweden and our partners in the startup program. 


Investors interested in the field of AI and want to have a better mapping over the Swedish AI-ecosystem can join our AI Investor Network. The investor network will have the opportunity to join exclusive events and take part in community activities. 

For more information about the AI Investor Network - book a meeting with us.

Science Parks, Incubators and Accelerators

We are the AI partner, focusing on technology and horizontal collaboration. By teaming up with us you can get help in evaluating AI-startups, reaching more potential customers for the startups you are working with and you will have a partner covering all of Sweden.

Partner up with us, so that you can focus on what you are doing well and offer your startups even more growth services. 


Want to know more?

Strategic Program Developer

Peter Kurzwelly