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What we offer our partners

AI Sweden is a partner organisation and while we provide an infrastructure in terms of both personell, know-how and hardware, we need the commitment and engagement from our partners to create real value and make real impact with our activities. Accelerating applied AI in Sweden through collaboration.

Our partner offering always have dual goals: Enabling partners to explore and use AI, while at the same time accelerating applied AI in Sweden. Both these goals aim at strengthening Swedish competetiveness and welfare. 

It is important to note that we are not a consultancy providing tailored end-to-end services. Rather, all our activitites will require a commitment from partners to invest time and effort to engage and retain maximum value from our activities, often in collaboration with others.


AI Sweden Partner prospect

You can download and read about our offerings in the AI Sweden Partner prospect. Please ensure that you refer to the latest version.

Download v.1.0.2