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Base platform for data processing and analysis

AI Sweden is together with Statistics Sweden and Örebro University creating a base platform for data processing and analysis. The aim is to accelerate the establishment of new data labs where different actors can collaborate and share knowledge.

Due to the digitalization of society, data sources are abundant. To process and analyze all the data, new data labs are needed. AI Sweden, together with Statistics Sweden and Örebro University is therefore creating a base platform for data processing and analysis. The base platform can be used to quickly establish new data labs where different actors can collaborate and share knowledge.


The rapid digitalization of society means that the data ecosystem is continuously expanding with new data sources. To be able to take advantage of the new data sources, support for the processing and analysis of data is needed. The data ecosystem naturally transcends both organizational and geographical boundaries. As a result, we need to adapt where and how data is analyzed so that it is based on available data while addressing societal challenges. Increasingly, collaborations regarding data processing and analysis will involve several actors from both the public and private sectors. Meanwhile, issues regarding confidentiality, security, data quality, and ethics are becoming increasingly important as the amount of data increases.


The main focus of the base platform is to support the common need for processing and analysis including AI and machine learning methods. The base platform will be made available through container technology to increase the adjustability of solutions and enable more organizations, with different infrastructural and confidentiality conditions, to create data labs. Along with support for processing and analysis, the base platform focuses on enabling the creation of high-quality, reliable analyzes and models. 

Some questions that the project aims to answer
How can the establishment of new data labs be simplified?
In what ways can data labs support the quality and security of data analysis?
How can we enable several actors to collaborate in a data lab?
How can competence and experience, best practices, ready-made machine learning models, checklists, etc. be packaged and made available when new data labs are created?

Expected outcomes

  • Simplify the processing and analysis of data for organizations.
  • Support initiatives that aim to process and analyze open datasets that are available through, e.g.,
  • Support processing and analysis of datasets that exist within different organizations.
  • By building on well-established, open initiatives, the project will deliver a base platform for processing and analysis that can be used as a springboard to quickly establish new data labs. In the long run, the project's results could become part of the jointly managed digital infrastructure ENA, created by the Swedish Agency for Digital Governance.


The project is coordinated by Statistics Sweden, together with AI Sweden and Örebro University.
The project runs from November 2021 to November 2023.
The plan is to make results available through open-source platforms continuously during the project.


Project Manager, LLM

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist