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Vinnova confirms funding for AI Innovation of Sweden

Friday, December 14, 2018

Significant funding from Vinnova is now enabling AI Innovation of Sweden to be established early 2019.

The Swedish Innovation agency has now approved its share of the total funding for the first three years of AI Innovation of Sweden. Read more

Complemetary funding will come from regional sources and partners. About 20 stakeholders representing industry, the public sector and academia have joined as Founding partners and the center plans to open mid Q1 2019. 

AI Innovation of Sweden will strive to create a unique ecosystem across industry, academia and the public sector . It particularly welcomes participation from large corporations, SMEs, public sector organisations, academia and research institutions in the following areas:

  • Technical products & systems
  • Finance & business administration
  • Life sciences, healthcare & medicine
  • Public sector, arts & humanities