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New working group for developing AI vision

Friday, April 8, 2022

AI Sweden is inviting representatives from partner organizations that have already developed an AI vision or strategy, as well as those who are in the process of doing so.

Have you already developed an AI Vision or Strategy for your organization or are you in the process of doing so?

Join our working group of senior executives and strategists to learn together and create a white paper outlining guidelines and know-how for the benefit of your own organizations as well as the rest of the AI ecosystem. 

The focus of the new working group will be on workshops and interviews as well as learnings and best practices. The project is ongoing until fall 2022. The Swedish Tax Agency is part of the new working group and has already started working on its AI Vision.

One of the Swedish Tax Agency’s responsibilities is contributing to a well-functioning society for citizens and businesses, along with counteracting crime and using new technology such as AI, to fulfill our mission. AI is an important part of the Swedish Tax Agency's strategic direction and as well as being a part of our business plan. By using AI, we can make it easier for our customers, we can streamline our operation, and counteract fraud and errors. It was important for us to develop a policy/vision that the Swedish Tax Agency's management team supports and that serves as guidance for the entire organization”, says Christina Henryson, CFO at the Swedish Tax Agency.

She continues, “at the Swedish Tax Agency, we have started our AI journey and are participating in AI Sweden’s working group on a white paper on how to develop an AI Vision. Being part of the working group is a way for us to share with others. Hopefully, this can lead to more organizations, both in the public and private sectors, being able to move forward in their AI journeys. Thereby, contributing to society at large”.

Christina Henrysson, CFO at the Swedish Tax Agency.

The group is partner exclusive, but you can work at any kind of organization and in any sector. Reach out to Viktoria Josefsson to get involved or learn more.