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National City Lab

National City Lab is Sweden's first AI lab for municipal data. Here, you can explore, experiment, and collaborate with others to create data-driven solutions for the local community – solutions that can be disseminated and shared widely.

National City Lab

National City Lab is a testbed where municipalities can try out new data-driven solutions aimed at improving municipal services and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Many municipalities face similar challenges when exploring the possibilities of AI and data-driven development. Some of these challenges include limited resources, data privacy concerns, and a lack of technical expertise. Although the challenges often share similar characteristics and demands, the work remains fragmented when it comes to finding solutions and working collaboratively across municipal boundaries. National City Lab provides a platform where municipalities, researchers, and businesses can collaborate to find future solutions. By creating a centralized hub for knowledge sharing and experimentation, National City Lab aims to enable more municipalities to implement AI solutions.

In National City Lab, you can:

  • Explore municipal data to gain a deeper understanding of local challenges and opportunities.
  • Develop and test solutions in a production-like environment.
  • Access datasets and experiment with your own.
  • Learn, share experiences, and be inspired by good examples together with others.
  • Test the latest hardware and software.
  • Benefit from expertise from our legal and strategic expert groups.

Get involved

National City Lab is located in Helsingborg and can be utilized by all AI Sweden's partners. An organization that is not an AI Sweden partner can gain access through collaboration with an AI Sweden partner. It is easy to get started utilizing the hardware. As long as you are not handling sensitive personal data, you can be up and running in no time. 

Contact Tommy Boije for more information about the lab – and to get started with your own project.

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Tommy Boije
Partner manager
+46 (0)72-193 63 14