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Sven-Olof Bodenfors Seminar 2019 - Artificial Creativity or Creative Intelligence?

Malmstensalen, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1

Artificial Creativity? Creative Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a reality in the society and is formed around us. It affects the labor market and the old professional roles are changing, and this places new demands on today's education.
Welcome to the second Sven-Olof Bodenfors seminar, an exciting conversation about Artificial Intelligence, digitization and the changing profession.

Arranged by: 
Handelshögskolan i Göteborg

The second Sven-Olof Bodenfors seminar at the School of Economics in Gothenburg, this time focus on AI's importance for the profession: how does the new professional role for economists, lawyers and doctors look like? What are the demands of the business community on future employees, and how is this handled by the universities? Finally, we are looking at how students look at AI's entry:nwith expectation, hope or fear?

The panel reflects width and knowledge and we look forward to a rewarding afternoon.

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