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The Data Factory Series - Demystifying Cloud Act


There is a lot of talk about Cloud Act and its implications. Together with Google, Peltarion and MAQS Law Firm we will try to straighten out some questions and misconceptions related to the regulation. AI Sweden invites you to join this webinar which is part of the Data Factory Series and, in this episode, with a legal focus.

Arranged by: 
AI Sweden

Cloud Act - Beyond the myth
Presentation by Ted Schönbeck, Head of Cloud Technology, Google Cloud Sweden

Ted will be taking us beyond the myth, beyond the misunderstandings and try to explain the actual implications of Cloud Act in practice. He will also talk about the concept of risk - risk of your data ending up in places where you don't want it to. Also, what implications Cloud Act has on that risk - and how other variables and aspects affect this risk. Because at the end of the day - that is what matters. This part will not be a deep legal session - instead a session focusing on understanding Cloud Act for what it actually is. 

Panel discussion and Q&A: 
In the panel discussion, the panelists will focus more on the legal implications of Cloud Act.


The seminar will be held online. 

This webinar is open for partners to AI Sweden.

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