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Child-centered AI solutions


Mötesplats Social Innovation and AI Sweden invite you to a webinar that focuses on how to develop child-centered AI solutions.

Arranged by: 
Social Innovation
AI Sweden

Children are already today users of products and services that include artificial intelligence and they are growing up in a world characterized by widespread AI application. However, there are currently no accepted policies and guidelines for how AI should be developed so that it respects children's rights. United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, has therefore launched a global project to evaluate guidelines for child-centered AI. Within this project, three municipalities, AI Sweden and Lund University, have been accepted as 1 of 15 pilot projects globally.

The webinar will include presentations from the three municipalities about their experiences from working with AI based on the UNICEF guidelines. The topic of collaboration, opportunities and challenges regarding the area of ​​children and AI will also be discussed in a panel discussion. 

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Please note that this webinar is in Swedish.