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Chalmers AI Research Center – Zooming out!

Scaniasalen, Kårhuset

​Director of CHAIR invites you to an AI Afternoon! ​December 8 11:30 -15:00 + AI Talk Screening 15:00-16:00

Arranged by: 
Chalmers AI Research Center

A few years have passed since the launch of CHAIR, and during that time AI and its applications in science and society has continued to develop at an incredible pace. With the opportunity to meet again in person, we would like to invite you to an afternoon with CHAIR where we look at the current state of AI, exciting research, different perspectives on AI within Chalmers, and the future of CHAIR.

As the field of AI changes so will we, and we would like to hear all your ideas and perspectives on the future of AI and our centre. Take the opportunity to shape the future of CHAIR, and hope to see you on December 8!

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