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AI Think Tank: Design of AI-driven services


The AI Business Consultants at Hyper Island and AI Sweden invites you to an interactive and hands-on discussion about AI implementation.

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Hyper Island & AI Sweden

The success of AI-powered services relies on human-centered design. Demystifying and ensuring that today’s AI technology is accessible and creates value requires both technical knowledge and an understanding of how humans experience technology.

In this session, Pontus Wärnestål introduces how AI can improve existing services and how designers can use advanced AI to create services that can take the initiative and perform tasks on behalf of humans. The emphasis is on using data, algorithms, and computation as a design material that can give rise to new user experiences and effects for individuals, organizations, and society.

Pontus Wärnestål is an Associate Professor of Informatics at Halmstad University in Sweden. His research focuses on human-centered AI and digital service innovation. Pontus is also a Design Director at the design agency inUse and has over 20 years of experience in academic and practical design work. He is the author of the book ”Design av AI-drivna tjänster” (Studentlitteratur, 2021) that provides more than 50 design guidelines for AI-powered services.

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