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AI Ethics with Roberto V. Zicari


What did we learn in assessing Trustworthy AI in practice? AI Ethics Online with Roberto Zicari, from Goethe University Frankfurt.​

Arranged by: 
Chalmers AI Research Center

Started January 2019, a team of International researchers started to develop a process to assess Trustworthy AI in practice, called Z-inspection. So far, the process has been used to as​sess AI systems in healthcare. In this talk Roberto will report the main lessons learned in assessing several use cases for trustworthy AI in healthcare, namely:
Roberto Zacari

– AI for predicting Cardiovascular Risks
– Machine learning and supportive tool to recognize cardiac arrest in emergency calls 
– Deep learning based Skin Lesion Classifiers

​​​​Starting march 2021 will work on this new use case: Deep Learning for predicting a multi-regional score conveying the degree of lung compromise in COVID–19 patients.

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