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AI and optical measurement technology

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The synergy between AI and optical measurement technology can be big. Optical measurement technology strengthens the AI area by facilitating the laborious process of data collection. AI in turn has a big potential for making optical measurement systems even more intelligent.

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AI Sweden & Region Västerbotten

For many companies AI, artificial intelligence, will be an integrated part of doing business, like the web is today. But what does that mean? How do we get started with AI? What can it do for our business? And in what way can optical measurement technology and image analysis contribute to shaping new AI solutions?

Optical measurement technology is an area that includes camera and sensor-based measurement systems and uses image analysis to understand what the images represent. Optical measurement systems have the ability to generate large amounts of data, which is a prerequisite for being able to build good AI solutions. If the technologies are used together, new types of value adding solutions can be developed.

Many of us use optical measurement technology on a daily basis, without thinking about it. We self-scan groceries in the store or unlock the mobile phone with face recognition.

During this event we are going through the basics of AI, what it means and how AI can contribute to your company. We are also going to give examples from solutions where AI is used for image analysis.

We hope that you walk away with an insight to what AI is and how optical measurement technology and AI can create value together.

Participate on site in Skellefteå or via our webcast!

What? An introduction to AI and examples of how AI and optical measurement technology/image analysis creates value together

When? December 10th , 10.00-12.00 am

Where? Via webcast or in Pansalen, The Great Northern, Storgatan 53, Skellefteå


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