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AI Sweden is a partner organisation. The main bodies of our governance structure are the Founder Forum and the Steering Committee.


The Founder Forum

The Founder Forum consists of one representative for each Founding Partner and is held once per year. Its key functions are to:

  • appoint the chairperson of the Founder Forum

  • appoint the Steering Committee with guidance from nomination committee

  • appoint the Steering Committee chairperson

  • approve new Founding Partners

  • appoint Founding Fellows

The Steering committee

The Steering Committee serves as the main decision-making body for the strategic and scientific direction of AI Sweden. The Steering Committee consists of a chairperson and 10-14 members plus appointees including representatives from funding agencies, representatives for each so called node and the Director(s) of AI Sweden. One or two more members of AI Sweden program management or representative from the host organization can also be included as appointees.

Its key functions are to:

  • approve new partners (presented by program management)
  • approve funding and annual budget for AI Sweden
  • prepare a common overall strategic plan with goals for the activities to be conducted within AI Sweden
  • appoint an Ethics Committee which shall be responsible for ensuring that the activities supported by AI Sweden are carried out in an ethical manner in accordance with national and international law.

Steering committee members

The current steering committe was elected during the Founders Forum on May 6th 2021. The members of the steering committee will serve for one year at a time. These are the current members of the steering commitee:

  • Ödgärd Andersson, CEO Zenseact
  • Peder Blomgren, VP/Head of Data Office R&D, AstraZeneca
  • Björn Brinne, Chief AI Officer, Peltarion
  • Mats Snäll, Leveransområdeschef digital utveckling, DIGG
  • Anna Granö, CEO HPE
  • Martin Gull, Chief Digital Officer, Helsingborgs Stad
  • Christina Henrysson, Chef för Ekonomi, styrnings- och analysenheten, Skatteverket
  • Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg, MD, Professor of medical technology at Karolinska Institutet
  • Amy Loutfi, Head of the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems, Örebro University
  • Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Subject Director of law and Information technology, SU
  • Staffan Truvé (Chair), CTO, Recorded Future
  • Jonas Åkesson, Head of Automation & AI, Ericsson


  • Daniel Rencrantz, Vinnova (Funding agency)
  • Fredrik Weisner, Vinnova (Funding agency)
  • Anders Carlberg, Region Västra Götaland (Funding agency and Gothenburg node)
  • Birgitta Bergvall Kåreborn, Luleå University of Technology (for North node)
  • Björn Ekelund, Ericsson and chairperson Mobile Heights (for South node)
  • Fredrik Heintz, Linköpings University (for East node)
  • Kristina Eklöf, Region Örebro Län (for Örebro node)
  • Johanna Engman, (for Greater Stockholm node)
  • Martin Svensson, Co-Director, AI Sweden
  • Daniel Gillblad, Co-Director, AI Sweden
  • Mats Nordlund, Board Sponsor of Data Factory, AI Sweden
  • Mikael Ljungblom, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, AI Sweden