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Share your AI Use Cases

Getting inspired by others to find out how, when, and where to use AI is an important part of accelerating applied AI in Sweden. AI Sweden is highlighting our partners’ work in applied AI and providing an opportunity for you to promote your work and find new potential partners. 

At AI Sweden, we want to accelerate the adoption of applied AI and to do so we know we need to guide businesses and organizations by showing them what is possible. We want potential users of AI to understand what, when and where to use artificial intelligence.

Building an AI use case library is our way of showcasing our partners and your work to the rest of the world. This creates an opportunity for partners to promote the work you are doing within applied AI - and a way for others to get inspired and get in contact with you as a potential partner.

We will use the AI use case library to show how applied AI is being used today - so if you want to showcase your projects in the library, fill out the form in the link below:

Fill out the AI use case library form


For more information about the AI use case library, reach out to Conny Svensson.

Head of AI Transformation

Conny Svensson