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Project deliveries

Project deliveries and status update (August 2020)

Part of the purpose for the project when starting in June 2019, was to mitigate the limited access to data sets of Swedish text. One limitation on openly sharing data in text form is that it may be protected by intellectual property rights and/or include personal data. One year into the project, this has indeed proven to be one of the main challenges in the project.

We consider the legal work that has been conducted in relation to this to be important contributions to the collective know-how on dealing with data sharing.

We will soon be able to publish project deliveries for more details on these learnings. For knowledge exchange in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us!

December 2019: Swedish Language Data Lab

Project Manager Vanja Carlén (On parental leave) tells us more about the project status of the Swedish Language Data Lab at the reference group meeting, December 2019.

Related advances

Two examples of related advances in the field of Swedish NLP that have been published in 2020:

  • The National Library of Sweden has distributed three BERT-based models in Swedish on their GitHub page.
  • The Swedish Public Employment Service has shared two BERT models, trained on Swedish Wikipedia, on their GitHub page


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