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More about the AI Startup Program

The AI Sweden Startup Program is designed to help Swedish AI startups in different ways. The program has three stages divided into three main missions - Learn, Connect, Accelerate. Read more about each stage below.

In depth: The AI Startup program

Take part of a webinar where Peter Kurzwelly, Startup Manager and Program Developer, introduces the AI Startup Program.

Stage 1 - Learn

The learn stage is for startups that are in the beginning of their AI journey. Here, you can learn more on what AI really is, the different types of AI and how your business might benefit from adding AI to your solution. In this stage you are welcome to take part in our open offer of webinars, events and online courses - or sign up to our newsletter specifically for startups.

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Stage 2 - Connect

The second stage of the Startup Program, connect, is open for applications from startups that work with AI as a core part of the business. Your startup should also be a registered company with in-house AI engineers and/or you should prove a significant use of AI. 

The connect stage requires that you submit an application to a committee with both AI and business competence, that will review your organization.

At the connect stage you are invited to join our Startup community. For community members we have bi-weekly online inspirational and informative meetings, and we arrange meetups with AI Sweden partners and collaborators. All activities are here to inspire you, and to help you accelerate your business. At this stage you can also attend all our open events and webinars. The AI Sweden Startup community has its own Slack channel where you will meet other AI startups and have the opportunity to share your thoughts and challenges.


Stage 3 - Accelerate as a partner (by invitation only)

The third stage of the Startup Program, accelerate, is for AI startups that have come somewhat further on their AI business journey and are ready to scale. Being invited to the accelerate stage means becoming a full partner of AI Sweden.

As a startup partner, you are encouraged to make the most of our full partner offering - including the possibility to use the Data Factory and test beds, to join projects within our different strategic programs, to get introductions to corporates and investors and to learn more on the legal and ethical aspects of AI and data sharing. Read more here.

The third stage, accelerate, is accessible by invitation from AI Sweden.


Startup Program Manager

Katarina Fégeant