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More about the AI startup program

The AI Sweden Startup Program is designed to help Swedish AI startups in different ways. The program has three stages divided into three main missions - Learn, Connect, Accelerate. Between every stage there is a filter. Startups have to apply and be approved to advance to the next stage.

In depth: The AI Startup program

Take part of a webinar where Peter Kurzwelly, Startup Manager and Program Developer, introduces the AI Startup Program.

Stage 1 - Learn

Stage 1 is open for all startups and focuses on learning and inspiration from the field of AI. The mission of Stage 1 is to educate entrepreneurs and founders in the field of AI. Startups can take part of our educational initiatives to grow their AI-competence and knowledge. Startups are also invited to take part of our open events and workshops held all over Sweden with our regional nodes and together with our local partners, as well as our national activities. 

Sign up to Stage 1

Stage 2 - Connect

The second stage of the Startup program focuses on highlighting Swedish AI startups and connecting them to potential partners and investors through exclusive events and meetups. As a part of the Startup Program Stage 2, startups will also get access to our growing community of AI-startups. 

As a startup in stage 2 you will get access to exclusive events, be invited to the national AI-startup community and highlighted as a Swedish AI-startup on AI Sweden's startup list.

To be a part of Stage 2 in the AI Sweden Startup Program you need to apply and be approved of our evaluation board. The evaluation board will look into your competence within the field of AI and the technology your startup are using to provide your solution/services. 

Apply for Stage 2

Stage 3 - Accelerate as a partner (by invitation only)

Stage 3 focuses on acceleration of your solution. What we mean by that is that you will have the chance to accelerate the application of your solution together with us as a full partner to AI Sweden. 

Startups need to be invited to become a full partner of AI Sweden. As a full partner you will get access to the Data Factory and available data sets. You will be able to do projects together with our partners and get access to exclusive events and matchmaking. You will get access to our partner and investor network. Being a full partner of AI Sweden mean we will help you find the right partners in our broad network.

This stage is by invitation only.


Strategic Program Developer

Peter Kurzwelly