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AI Sweden at Vitalis

Join us on the 14-16th of May in Gothenburg at the conference Vitalis, focusing on e-health, welfare technology, and innovation. The conference consists of a program with speakers and panels as well as an exhibition. 

We are organizing a conference track about AI and hosting a booth. Take the opportunity to visit the booth (B06:49) and discuss the future of Sweden's health and welfare state. 

At the core of our mission is a firm conviction that artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the delivery of outstanding health services to the people of Sweden. Through the initiative 'Information-driven Healthcare', we support Swedish healthcare organizations in adopting AI. The goal is to offer more information-driven, personalized, and scalable healthcare. Furthermore, the collaboration between Unity Health Toronto and AI Sweden promises to bring significant Canadian insights to the Swedish healthcare system.

What are we meeting ahead?

Medical breakthroughs enable a larger proportion of the population to live longer and healthier lives. But this demographic shift also means that the number of patients with chronic diseases is growing and therefore increasing the demand for healthcare. Meanwhile, we see an upcoming shortage of staff. This creates a challenge that needs to be addressed. 

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+ 50%

The number of people aged 80 or older will increase by almost 50% by 2031

Source: SKR 2022

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Out of people >80 years old, 80% are estimated to live with at least 2 chronic diseases

Source: SKR 2022

icon healthcare workers

+85 000

By 2031, the number of healthcare workers needs to increase by 85 000

Source: SKR 2022

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2 days

Healthcare professionals spend up to 2 working days a week on administration

Source: EY 2022, Arbetsvärlden 2021

How AI help to improve healthcare in Sweden

There is a lot of exciting research and implementation happening across the country.

Use Cases

Detection of lung cancer, prevention of sepsis, and improved patient safety. We encourage you to explore the diverse range of innovative initiatives and ongoing use cases available on My AI for valuable learning opportunities.

A picture of a laptop with the website My AI showing

Information-driven healthcare

This strategic initiative, financed by Vinnova, supports Swedish healthcare organizations in developing AI solutions. The goal is to offer more information-driven, personalized, and scalable healthcare.

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In this video, you can hear three voices on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and resource optimization with the help of AI. Interviews with Carolin Nymark (Karolinska University Hospital), Terese Dalåsen (Sahlgrenska University Hospital), and Sara Lundsten (Region Västerbotten).

Learn more with this handbook

Are you wondering how to best use AI, overcome legal challenges, and become data-driven? AI Sweden and its partners have released a handbook for you!  A condensed digital course version of the handbook is also available for free. Learn more

(In Swedish only)

En handbok för informationsdriven vård

AI Sweden partners with Unity Health Toronto

AI has become a crucial technology within the healthcare industry, demonstrating its impact notably at Unity Health Toronto's hospitals in Canada. The collaboration between Unity Health Toronto and AI Sweden promises to bring these significant Canadian insights to the Swedish healthcare system.

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Information-driven healthcare is to conduct and develop care as fact-based and patient-centered as possible by systematically utilizing, with the support of simple and advanced tools, all the data that exists – in one's operations and across organizational and subject boundaries – for increased effect of healthcare efforts both as a system and in the individual patient meeting.

A photo of Markus Lingman

Markus Lingman

Project partner, Region Halland

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Lorna Bartram
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