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One of the cornerstones for AI Innovation of Sweden is Co-location. On the nodes, researchers, developers, start-ups and students across a wide range of fields and disciplines can meet and collaborate.

    By running a number of co-location areas with meeting points, so-called nodes for partners, the collaboration will be further strengthened. The nodes aim to serve as a project workplace for project participants and a meeting point between the various partners. The nodes are also the place where the shared data from the data factory becomes available in the first place.

    Nodes will be set up across Sweden. The first site is based in Gothenburg, and the next-coming will be in Stockholm, Southern Sweden and Northern Sweden.

    The goal is to co-locate approximately 100-150 researchers, developers and students on each node. Each The nodes will also manage resources to support and provide an attractive environment for international guest researchers and researchers. This will take time, and our partners active involvement and presence at the sites will be key success factors.