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One of the cornerstone for AI Innovation of Sweden is Co-location of researchers, developers, start-ups and students across a broad range of applications and disciplines. The primary objectives are to increase collaboration and knowledge-sharing, along with helping attract talent.

    With the Co-location sites, AI Innovation of Sweden is striving to:

    • Create internationally attractive hubs for talent (critical mass)
    • Actively drive cross-fertilisation, knowledge-sharing and collaboration
    • Actively stimulate innovation through collaborative problem-solving efforts

    Co-location sites will be set up across Sweden, based on funding, resources and demand. The first site is planned for Gothenburg, and the second for Stockholm (pending further funding).
    Long-term, the goal is to co-locate approximately 100-150 researchers, developers and students at each co-location site. This will take time, and our partners’ active involvement and presence at the sites will be key success factors. Co-location centers will also develop resources to support and provide an attractive environment for international guest researchers and scholars. During the first year (as seen in the time plan) there will be a ramp-up of partners from each vertical to the co-location sites depending on the local ecosystems.

    Each co-location site will offer many fixed and flexible workplaces, meeting rooms and services (such as coffee and kitchens). Each site will have an office manager, who participates in the overall development of AI Innovation of Sweden community.

    Partners’ presence at the co-locations sites is encouraged and partners will have free access to the shared spaces and many of the meeting rooms. For project teams, researchers and developers who use the co-location sites as their primary workplace, assigned desks will be charged at cost.