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Call for project ideas

Now partners of AI Innovation of Sweden can submit project ideas. We are looking for projects relevant for collaboration across partners. For selected projects, AI Innovation of Sweden will dedicate resources for prestudies, with the ambition to identify and secure funding for the next phase or the full project. 

    The prestudies for the first 5-10 projects will start from March, 2019 and onwards. For each selected project AI Innovation of Sweden will appoint a project manager and dedicate other necessary resources (external expertise, travel, external cost), all in all resources amounting up to SEK 150 000 - 250 000 per project. The applicant is expected to dedicate relevant resources and information.

    The next phase or the full projects will require external funding, either from partners or other funding sources (such as Vinnova).


    Project criterias

    The project ideas can be at different maturity level, ranging from feasibility studies, demos/proof of concepts to longer applied research projects. Projects aiming at making existing data available is of specific interest. All projects should meet the general criterias.
    General conditions for project supported by AI Innovation of Sweden

    We will look for synergies among the received proposals and when relevant suggest collaboration and/or new project ideas.

    Submit with your idea here!