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AI Innovation of Sweden will focus on building resources, knowledge and capabilities that horizontally are of value to partners and the ecosystem. The ambition is to create a unique and effective resource where the combination of an active networking, brokering of collaboration and highly relevant resources and knowledge to make data available will enable its stakeholders to accelerate their work.

As its main cornerstones, AI Innovation of Sweden will be comprised of the following resources


Data Factory

The Data Factory of AI Innovation of Sweden aims to accelerate research and innovation by making data available in a uniquely enabling way. The Data Factory shall have the capacity and know-how on managing data (end-to-end) for pre-commercial projects. 

The resources provided by the Data Factory will be available to all partners, across geographical boundaries and in accordance with the terms & conditions for each dataset. 

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Co-location sites

The second cornerstone for AI Innovation of Sweden is Co-location of researchers, developers, start-ups and students across a broad range of applications and disciplines. The primary objectives are to increase collaboration and knowledge-sharing, along with helping attract talent.

Co-location sites will be set up across Sweden, based on funding, resources and demand. The first site is planned for Gothenburg, and the second for Stockholm (pending further funding).

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International Portal

AI Innovation of Sweden will constantly strive to provide resources, services, relationships, know-how and infrastructures that helps its partners accelerate their research and innovation activities.
This will need to include international outreach and the center will:

  • Proactively develop relationships with internationally recognised ecosystems
  • Set up relationships and agreements with providers of relevant tools & methodologies
  • Facilitate recruitment of talent, including doctoral and master students
  • Strive to establish relationships enabling international funding of projects, not least from the European Union
  • Create opportunities for Swedish companies and organisations to network and identify possible collaborators and customers
  • Develop frameworks for exchange of data with international parties, especially to accelerate innovation and development in and for public sector
  • Stimule exchange for researchers and students with international universities

Competence & knowledge

AI Innovation of Sweden shall serve as the primary competence center for best practice, business intelligence, methods and networking. It will regularly arrange and invite its partners to participate in workshops, seminars and conferences. Events and sharing of information through communication will be an essential part of the way AI Innovation of Sweden plans to drive its partner community. 

A core competence of the center will be the expertise needed to understand legal and ethical best practices and constraints of collecting and sharing data. The center will provide counseling and guidance in legislative procedures, laws (e.g. GDPR) and the regulatory landscape related to personal data, data protection, data privacy, intellectual property rights and legal agreements and contracts.
Access to expertise and talent will be fundamental for partners’ AI research and development for many years to come. It might also be one of the most challenging aspects for the ecosystem and AI Innovation of Sweden will need to find ways to effectively support its partners in their recruitment efforts.

Improved access to talent must also include educational courses for technical & business skill development. This will be done in collaboration with academic partners, not least through AI Competence for Sweden (national distributed platform for increasing AI competence in Sweden, supported by the Swedish government), and through partner-to-partner initiatives. For instance, several partners have already set up their own, in-house initiatives for skill development. Such initiatives could be improved and extended to a broader community of partners.

Collaboration & funding support

Collaboration will be a key success factor for applied AI research and innovation. Therefore, AI Innovation of Sweden will actively strive to set up consortiums and support funding of complex research and development projects.
AI Innovation of Sweden shall maximize partners' funding opportunities by providing qualified support on how to obtain national and international research funding. The team will have close contact with financiers and university grant offices. It will provide:

  • Information for partners about new and current announcements
  • Advice on funding sources and funding strategies
  • Support throughout the application process. For example, the team can offer advice and ideas for projects, along with providing access to language and writing services for generating strong applications. It will also provide budgeting support, audit services and letters of support.

AI Innovation of Sweden will also provide funding agencies and organisations with information on the overall development of AI in industry and society and, in relevant ways, engage in discussions about strategic development from a government perspective.

Ethics, impact on society & AI for good

Ethical values, trust, transparency and security are essential aspects when introducing AI solutions in society. A clear set of ethical values for how to develop and use AI is important to attract talent who want their skills to be used for the good of humanity and society. AI Innovation of Sweden will actively participate in national and international discussions, as well as establish forum for questions regarding societal impact.

AI innovation of Sweden also want to generate the effect that politicians and public decision makers better understands AI, how AI could be used to solve societal challenges, how AI will impact society and the responsibility that comes with that.

As a dedicated initiative, AI Innovation of Sweden plans to develop a program oriented to “AI for good”. The idea of an initiative within AI for good will be outlined during 2019.