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Regional forces for AI

The regional forces network consist of participants from our partner regions who sees the benefits of learn and acting together when it comes to development and implementation of AI. 

It became clear among those present that they all see a great gain in working together to improve and streamline the development and implementation of AI solutions in each the regions. By sharing experiences, interpretations of laws and regulations, the cooperation in 21 joint regions will be so much more powerful than if each and everyone does it separately.

Together the network has identified five focus areas needed to increase the development and implementation of AI within health and social care:

  • Proper management of data,
  • Promote the development and implementation of value-creating, robust and transparent AI
  • Work to ensure that competence with excellence is attracted to the public sector
  • Assemble information about various educational offerings
  • Strengthen each other by sharing experiences and challenges


Interested in joining the network?

If you, as a partner region, are interested in participating please contact us.

Eco-system and Node Manager

Helena Theander