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Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) will be key for making the most of AI and enables tasks as wide ranging as using voice assistants at home to a reliable automatization of certain social services. To accelerate innovation, development of applications, and implementation in this area, NLU therefore constitutes one of AI Sweden’s strategic initiatives.

Do you want access to GPT-SW3?

AI Sweden together with RISE and WASP WARA Media & Language are building the first truly large-scale generative language model for the Nordic languages, and primarily Swedish. We are now inviting developers and practitioners to a controlled pre-release of the models to try them out.

Read more on how to apply for access here.

What is Natural Language Understanding?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a collective term for the applied aspects of how computer programs or electronic devices can analyze, produce, modify or respond to human text and speech. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a core element of this area. NLP algorithms (language models) learn from language data. They enable machine understanding and machine representation of natural (human) language. Using NLP, applications and tools can be used to identify patterns and provide insights hidden in large amounts of language data, too vast for humans to process. Based on patterns and insights, unstructured data can be turned into actionable information, allowing us to make data-driven and well-informed decisions. In order for Sweden to benefit from the rapid development in the applied language technology area, language models need to be trained on datasets for Swedish and minority languages spoken in Sweden.

We're on Medium

The AI Sweden NLU team’s aim with being on Medium is to be as open and transparent as possible with the development process, and to invite several different perspectives on this type of model — both our own as well as those who may be more critical of this development.

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NLP Seminar Series

NLP Seminar Series is a bi-weekly forum for people who work with or are interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and language technologies. The seminars are organized by RISE NLP group and AI Sweden. Head on over to our channel on YouTube to watch the latest uploads.

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Head of Research, NLU, PhD

Magnus Sahlgren

Head of Responsible AI and Operations NLU, PhD

Francisca Hoyer

Senior Research Scientist, PhD

Felix Stollenwerk

Senior Research Scientist, PhD

Amaru Cuba Gyllensten

Research Scientist

Ariel Ekgren

Senior Data Manager

Danila Petrelli

AI Engineer

Tim Isbister

Junior Project Assistant

Saga Kristjánsdóttir

Junior Scientist

Alice Heiman

NLU Talent Program

Niclas Hertzberg

Anna Lokrantz

Judit Casademont

Kätriin Kukk

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Head of Responsible AI and Operations NLU, PhD

Francisca Hoyer