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Applied Language Technology

Applied language technology will be key for making the most of AI and enables tasks as wide ranging as using voice assistants at home to a reliable automatization of certain social services. To accelerate innovation, development of applications, and implementation in this area, Applied Language Technology therefore constitutes one of AI Sweden’s strategic programs. 

What is Applied Language Technology?

Applied Language Technology is a collective term for the applied aspects of how computer programs or electronic devices can analyze, produce, modify or respond to human texts and speech. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a core element of this area. NLP algorithms, or language models, learn from language data, enabling machine understanding and machine representation of natural (human) language. Using NLP, applications and tools can be used to identify patterns and provide insights hidden in large amounts of language data, too vast for humans to process. Based on patterns and insights, unstructured data can be turned into actionable information, allowing us to make data-driven and well-informed decisions.

In order for Sweden to benefit from the rapid development in the applied language technology area, language models need to be trained on datasets for Swedish and minority languages spoken in Sweden.

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Applied Language Technology Team

Research Lead Language Technology, PhD

Magnus Sahlgren

Strategic Program Manager NLP, PhD

Francisca Hoyer

Data Lead Language Technology, PhD

Love Börjeson

Head of Strategic Initiatives, MSc

Johanna Bergman

Contact information

Project Manager

Vanja Carlén