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Pre study: Test bed for AI-driven language learning

The projects aims to prepare a digital test environment that enables rapid and small-scale development and testing of adaptive tools for language learning intended for new immigrants and people born abroad. The aim of this is to tailor and accelerate language learning and reach the groups that are not currently integrated in society due to lack of knowledge in the Swedish language.

Background and purpose

Sweden faces major challenges regarding the integration of new immigrants, and one of the most important areas is to ensure that more people enter into the workforce. One of the main obstacles to foreign-born people gaining access to Swedish society and the labour market is knowledge of the Swedish language.

To give newly arrived and foreign nationals better conditions to learn Swedish, the City of Helsingborg is collaborating with AI Innovation of Sweden's preparatory project “Test bed for AI-driven language learning” with the objective of creating a digital test environment that will accelerate the development of language learning tools.

Project focus

The preparation project is tasked with analysing and investigating the test bed developer's potential for future implementation and providing a decision-making basis for establishing a future test bed and a timetable and activity plan for implementation.

The project will have an additional focus on seeing how AI-based teaching can include the women who, for various reasons, do not participate in ordinary SFI teaching, since these groups are currently difficult to reach.

The planned test bed will be constructed in a virtual environment and will include a digital infrastructure that collects data from relevant domains and platforms.

AI technology provides the opportunity to make training and educational content tailored to the individual's knowledge level and requirements, thereby increasing access to more equal and personalised language learning.

Within the project, AI Innovation of Sweden, together with the rest of the project group, is responsible for identifying needs relating to the test bed, mapping adjacent projects and coordinating interested testers.

The test bed project is financed by Vinnova and is one of the 20 different test beds that are now being developed to address societal challenges. The project is run by Arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen Helsingborgs stad, in collaboration with AI Innovation of SwedenGet AILunds Tekniska HögskolaLunds universitet and Lingio. Reference group:  Vellinge kommunTalkamatic, Föräldrasvenska 2.0, Stadsdelsmammor, SpråkkraftTime plan: The project starts in May 2020 and will run until December 2020.

Work packages

  • Work package 1: Needs and market analysis

    Identification of the concrete needs for improved testing opportunities, and development of a defined and clearly formulated social challenge that the test bed developer and the testers have a common interest in solving.

    Timetable: 200518 - 200925 

  • Work package 2: Intelligence analysis

    Mapping of test beds currently in progress to ensure that the need to test within the intended area has not already been satisfied, and coordination of notes of interest from the parties interested in serving as testers.

    Timetable: 200518 - 201030

  • Work Package 3: Equality analysis

    Mapping and analysis work on how the test bed should be designed to contribute to increased equality and integrate prioritised equality aspects based on the needs of the target group.

    Timetable: 200620 - 200920

  • Work package 4: System analysis

    A clear overview of existing data and action plan for system owners regarding data collection and governance principles and recommendation of interim storage and other preparations required to establish a future test bed.

    Timetable: 200601 - 201030

  • Work package 5: Plan for moving forward

    Final report of the preparatory project that includes well grounded decision-making documentation so that it can be realised and implemented in a future test bed within the administration.

    Timetable: 201102 - 201218