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Elements of AI

Sweden has come a long way in terms of digital competence but has a lot to learn when it comes to AI. A basic understanding of opportunities and possible dangers are needed to create applications and solutions from research and innovation. This is especially true for AI. AI Innovation of Sweden, Vinnova, and Linköping University now provides Sweden with opportunities for such understanding.

Knowledge about AI should be for all 

The educational platform of Elements of AI has been very successful in Finland, launched in 2018 as a collaboration between the University of Helsinki and the IT company Reaktor. The platform is intended to give the entire population, not just experts, a basic knowledge of what AI is.

This free, online course is now taken to Sweden by AI Innovation of SwedenVinnova, and Linköping University, to educate 1% of the Swedish population within the basics of the new technology. 

The course is not about how to make money using AI or how to build your own AI platform. What we provide is general basic knowledge, an awareness of what the technology is, and how it is and can be used. It is also possible to get ECTS by applying through a collaboration with Linköpings Universitet.

The course Elements of AI - Grunderna i AI - was launched in Swedish on May 15, 2019, and until now, almost 20 000 students have signed up.  


Through the initiative #AIUtmaningen / #AIChallenge companies, academia och the public sector are invited to spread the word and distribute the course in the there respective organization. 

The aim is to reach 1% of the Swedish population, that’s roughly 100 000 people, and until today almost 20 000 students and many companies have signed up for the course. 


Elements of AI


For more information, please contact
Martin Karlsson
+46 (0)707 40 16 16



Elements of AI

The course Elements of AI is a free online course for everyone with the aim of educating the Swedes in the basics of AI. Elements of AI comes in both English, Finnish, and Swedish. The aim is to reach 1% of the Swedish population.

The project is financed by Vinnova and coordinated in collaboration between AI Innovation of SwedenReaktor, and Linköpings Universitet.