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Swedish Space Data Lab 3.0

Space data can be used for weather forecasting, climate monitoring, forestry, and agriculture. The need to analyze, make available, and coordinate data is steadily increasing. The Swedish Space Data Lab 3.0 is an initiative to promote innovation based on space data, lower the threshold for utilization, and contribute to societal benefits.

Satellite view

Satellite image of Stockholm, Sweden.

The lab is a resource 

The Swedish Space Data Lab (SDL 3.0) is a national innovation platform and resource for actors who want to utilize space data, as well as for the development of AI-based analysis of data. The aim is to enable increased use of data from space. The need to analyze, make available, and coordinate Earth observations is steadily increasing, as we see great benefits that can develop our society and solve problems on our planet.

Expected outcome

The aim is to make space data more accessible for the development of services and applications using readily available tools, artificial intelligence (AI), and open source.

The lab helps to:

  • Making available data, processing capacity, software platforms, tools, and methodologies 
  • Pave the way for the development of innovations and applications 
  • Build expertise to solve the problems of the future
  • Disseminate knowledge, inspiration, and engagement on how to utilize space data 
  • Promote collaboration between stakeholders
  • Be a springboard for new users

Each year is an important milestone and at the end of the year, the results and priorities for the coming period are summarised.

This is how we work

We use the Open Data Cube (ODC), which organizes space data in an efficient database structure. The source of all data comes mainly from the Sentinel-2 satellite, but in the future also from additional data sources. New data is modified and customized for different uses, to make it useful. 

Areas of use

There is a wide range of uses:

  • Weather forecasts 
  • Climate monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Forest and vegetation monitoring
  • Soil, crop, and natural resource monitoring
  • Monitoring of fires

Benefiting from the lab

The Space Data Lab is a resource that can be used by public authorities in charge of civil, environmental and natural resources but also space data service developers, companies and individuals.
Are you curious about what we can do together? Tap into our knowledge, and let us inspire and guide you. Contact us and let's start a co-operation!

For more information, contact 

Chiara Ceccobello
Chiara Ceccobello
Data Scientist