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AI for leaders - Masterclass

Already today, AI is a central part of international, leading large organization competitiveness and innovation capacity. Undoubtedly, to use AI as a tool will be the rule rather than the exception for all companies. This is a masterclass for the leaders that want to start and accelerate their journey working with AI. It is for the leaders that want to get ahead and transform their organizations to be able to transform data into actionable intelligence.

About the Masterclass

This masterclass focuses on what is required of you as a leader so that your organization can work successfully with AI - fast, scalable and durable. This half day consists in part of lessons learned from 15 years of experience in working with AI in various industries worldwide. 

The masterclass consists mainly of practical work where you directly apply theory in exercises and discussions with other course participants in leading positions. After this masterclass, you have a solid foundation on how to work around your AI roadmap, what actions you need to take, and how you lead teams that will work with applied AI in your business, products and services.

The Masterclass will be held online in Zoom.

The goal

After this half day, the goal is for you to have a much clearer understanding of the opportunities with working with applied AI and that you have a foundation to start woroking on an AI-roadmap together with you team. You will have a clearer picture over what actions you need to take and how you lead a team/organization working with AI.


Upcoming dates

The Masterclass is one half-day event and will be held on two different occasions:
8:30 - 12:00, 25th of May, 2021
8:30 - 12:00, 26th of May, 2021


The Agenda

8:30 - Welcome online + mingle
8:40 - Block 1 - Why AI? Applied cases
9:20 - Block 2 - To lead an AI-project
10:20 - Break
10:30 - Block 3 - Tools to work with AI
10:50 - Block 4 - Governance & ethics
11:20 - Block 5 - Strategy for AI / Checklist for organizations
11:50 - Summary & reflections


Register your interest by sending an email to
Peter Kurzwelly

Strategic Program Developer

Peter Kurzwelly