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Talent Programs

The increase of AI applications is leading to a fast rise in demand for AI experts. Many companies, and corporate partners of AI Sweden, have identified the shortage of AI talents as the top challenge to their planned expansions in AI applications.

How can AI Sweden improve, boost and attract more talents contributing to accelerating the use of AI in Sweden? 

The expansion of AI applications in both the private and the public sectors leads to a rapid increase in demand for AI experts. Many companies report a delayed implementation of AI applications due to lack of AI talents, also confirmed by many corporate partners of AI Sweden identifying the shortage of AI talents as the top challenge to their planned expansion on AI applications.

AI Sweden’s efforts related to talent reinforcing partners’ capabilities were launched in August 2021 and are yet to be scaled. The primary purpose is to contribute to partners’ ability to recruit more talent. All Talent programs developed directly or indirectly by AI Sweden shall increase the talent pool for AI Sweden’s partners. 

Within its Talent program, AI Sweden develops activities with the purpose of

  • Growing the national talent pool 
  • Attracting and sourcing international talent 
  • Boosts talent with the knowledge, best practices and a network of people with similar challenges and solutions.

The Talent programs are typically built by and for the partners and group of partners initiating and funding them. Specific programs might also have geographical centers of gravity associated with the partners driving and recruiting.

The following programs will start during autumn 2021


For more information about our talent programs, reach out to Niclas Fock.

Head of Talent Programs

Niclas Fock